Amazon smart watch deals – all you need to know about Amazon’s best selling smart watches


If 2020 has got you into a bit of a health slump don’t beat yourself up about it, but if you’re feeling ready to get back into the swing of things these devices can definitely be of assistance. If you’re curious about the number of calories you’re burning in your workouts, how many steps you’re doing, or how much sleep you’re getting, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the personalised data and insights these watches can give you on your health.

Different lifestyles and goals call for different watches, as they are not all created equal.

Whether you’re looking to track your steps or push yourself while out running, there’s a watch for you.

In order to ensure you get the right watch for your lifestyle, we’ve rounded up Amazon’s best-selling smart watches.

Read on to find out what sets them apart so you know exactly how it can help you achieve your goals.

If you’re trying to get into running, or you’re a seasoned runner looking to hit a new PB – this is the watch for you.

You can easily monitor your heart rate, as well as track your pace, distance, and intervals while receiving text notifications and controlling your music. 

The easy to use smartwatch works with Garmin Coach training plans so you have access to free, personalised coaching every time you workout.

Whether you’re new to running or a marathon regular, the feature delivers an adaptive training plan to suit your needs which gets easier or harder depending on your performance.

Chose from three top coaches: Jeff Galloway – Olympian and best-selling author, Amy Pakerson-Mitchell – physical therapist and running expert, or Greg McMillan – physiologist and online running coach.

  • Screen size: 1.04-inch
  • Battery life: Smartwatch Mode: Up to 7 days; GPS mode: Up to 13 hours
  • RRP: £159.99, on sale now for £141.99 – you save £18.

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Three brightness levels to protect your eyes while you use it, and nine different exercise modes make this watch perfect for anyone interested in analyzing and improving their daily health.

  • Screen size: 1.3-inch
  • Battery life: Seven days
  • RRP: £43.99, on sale now for £33.98, you save £10.01

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This smartwatch from Garmins comes with 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, giving you the freedom to do your favourite workouts or try new ones all from one handy device.

  • Screen size: 1.5-inch
  • Battery life: Seven days
  • RRP: £259.99, on sale now for £229, you save £30.99

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This top of the line smart watch is the thrill-seekers best friend.

You can track surfing sessions, map hikes, navigate ski slopes amongst other adventures all from the watch.

It doesn’t even need to be paired with a phone to be able to enjoy all of the features.

Advanced mapping enables you to enjoy your adventures without worrying about getting lost and still tracking your health and wellness just like a regular smartwatch.

  • Screen size: 1.3-inch
  • Battery life: 14 days
  • RRP: £1050

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A classic smartwatch that allows you to take calls and reply to texts, listen to music, and measure your workouts while it tracks your general wellbeing and displays the data in the iPhone fitness app.

  • Screen size: 1.5-inch
  • Battery life: 18 hours
  • RRP: £269

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Compatible with both iPhone and android, the built-in GPS on this device makes it simple to track runs, swims, and other workouts.

Google Pay also lets easily you pay for things from the watch so no need to carry your wallet with you everywhere.

  • Screen size: 1.7-inch
  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • RRP: £279, on sale now for £271.99 – you save £7.01

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This smartwatch keeps things simple. Featuring 11 sports modes, 50m water resistance, 24-hour heart rate and sleep monitoring, this watch can give you all the core benefits of a regular smart watch with just a few fewer bells and whistles which allows it to have a slim-lined design.

  • Screen size: 1.1-inch
  • Battery life: 14 days
  • RRP: £39.95, on sale now for £26.98 – you save £12.97

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