Amazon users on Android crashing? Shopping app hit by issues plaguing Gmail, Yahoo, more


Amazon shoppers have been left unable to load the app on Android smartphones and tablets this morning due to an ongoing issue. When tapping on the app icon, the software immediately crashes – leaving Android users unable to add items to their basket, check on the delivery status of a previous order, talk to customer services, or more.

Hundreds of Amazon customers have flooded to social media to complain about the latest issue, which only impacts those on Android – not on iPhone or iPad. The problem isn’t limited to the Amazon app either, similar complaints have been levelled at Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and the Google app too. Like the issues surrounding Amazon, these issues only impact Android apps.


Accessing these services from a web browser, like the Google Chrome app, will continue to work. Likewise, logging in on a laptop, desktop PC, or Apple device nearby will also work. So, what’s going on?

Well, the issues with the Amazon app (and those affecting the Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google app and more) have been linked to a recent update to the ‘Android System Webview’ that was pushed out via the Google Play Store. All of these apps rely on this underlying technology to function and it’s a problem with this feature that is causing the constant app crashes. It’s important to note that this explanation has been proposed by users on social media who have worked out how to stop the constant crashes… Google itself has yet to confirm why the problems are happening.


Thankfully, those users have also worked out a fix. If you’re experiencing problems with Android apps including Amazon, Gmail, or others, head to the Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet. Head to the App Updates tab and then uninstall ‘Android System Webview’.

If that doesn’t work, some users have found success by installing the latest version of Google Chrome on Android, then restarting their smartphone. Crucially, uninstalling the app that is crashing – in this case, Amazon – doesn’t fix the problems. Although that’s usually good practice when suffering these kinds of issues, it doesn’t have any impact on this current problem.


Independent website DownDetector has tracked the impact of the problems by monitoring mentions on social media. Its data shows hundreds of Amazon app users struggling to access the Android version of the software every minute in the UK right now.

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