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Apple’s premium set of active noise canceling true wireless earbuds come with solid build and audio quality but are expensive. Like really expensive, and the last thing any budding AirPods Pro user would want is their precious earbuds getting damaged, scratched, or misplaced.

That’s where case covers come in; these handy products are perfect for keeping your AirPods Pros protected whilst also providing a much-needed design refresh to the boring old white charging case Apple provides. Your charging case slots easily into these handy covers, bringing style and safety to your precious AirPods Pro.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different offerings for AirPods Pro cases available on Amazon, and it can be quite tricky to discern which AirPods Pro cover is right for you. That’s why we at TechEngage have compiled this list of the best Apple AirPods Pro case covers for you to buy on Amazon for 2021.

Best AirPods Pro case covers on Amazon


  • Silicone
  • Soft touch
  • Front LED visible
  • Super affordable


  • Charging flap is annoying

Our first pick on this list is the super affordable silicone case cover for your happy little AirPods Pros from BRG. Made from a soft, luxurious silicone material, this case feels great in hand and soft to the touch. This flexible material is also what gives this case great shock-resistant properties, allowing your AirPods to be safe from bumps, drops, and scratches.

To prevent dust from getting into the charging port at the bottom of the device, BRG has kindly built a handy flap to keep the charging port clean. This is great for protection but not so great for convenience. If you’ve just come back from a mortal night out or a tough day at work, the last thing you’d want to be doing is wrestling with a flap of rubber – surely!

The rubber around the LED indicator on the AirPods case is thinner than everywhere else, allowing the light to shine through. The upgraded hinge design allows the case to open completely without cracking easily.

This AirPods Pro case also comes with a metal carabiner clip, making it super simple to clip your AirPods to your jeans, jacket, or backpack, convenient if you don’t want it to get lost or fall out of a pocket. The rubber holding the clip is thick and durable, so it can withstand quite a knock around before giving way.

Priced at $3.99, this is a super affordable case, perfect if you want a low-profile protective cover for your expensive AirPods Pros, the BRG Soft Silicone Case Cover is well worth checking out!

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Miracase Upgrade Cover for Airpods Pro Case, Triple Layer Protective Liquid Silicone Case for AirPods Pro Charging Case, 2019 Release LED Visible Shockproof Soft Skin Friendly Silicone Case (Black)


  • Low profile
  • Soft
  • Shock resistant


  • Fit could be better
  • Hinge cutout ruins the otherwise uninterrupted cover

Our second pick on the list is another soft silicone case, but this is more aimed at those of us who value simplistic, minimalist design. MiraCase does away with the gimmicky carabiner and recess in the case for grip to create a seamless, uninterrupted silicone surface wrapping around your AirPods Pro case.

Using high-quality liquid silicone, this case is soft to the touch, and running your fingers across the rubber PC surface is like touching a super soft leaf. Unlike cheaper “silicone” surfaces, this case doesn’t get sticky over time, and the case does fairly well if dust or water gets on it.

This case is perfect for anyone seeking a way to keep your AirPods Pro case protected but wants very little added bulk. Even compared to other low-profile cases, this is gloriously thin. There is a cut out on the back of the case, though, for the hinge to open, so if you are buying especially the black color, be mindful there’ll be a rounded rectangle of white showing through the case.

This case comes in a few funky colors, including (pictured above) black, a lovely baby blue, a lilac, grey, stylish navy blue, and even a midnight green. Whilst other cases can easily fall into the trap of having ugly or overbearing colors. I think MiraCase has nailed it with the design selection here. I love all of these colors.

Priced at $9.99, this case is marginally more expensive than the previous pick on this list. But, for the better quality silicon and minimalist design, if a low-profile but quality protective liquid silicon cover is what you’re looking for, this MiraCase AirPods Pro cover is a perfect pick.

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Airpods Pro Case, Olytop Cool Watercolor Print Air pods Pro Protective Case Cover Hard Skin Women Men Girl for Apple Airpods Pro Charging Case with Keychain AirPods 3 Accessories Set (Magic Space)


  • Hard
  • Glossy
  • Interesting design


  • Dirt and fingerprint magnet

This next pick is great if you want to spruce up your case, entirely changing its aesthetic and adopting a brand new, funky design. Made from premium hard plastic with a thickness of up to 1.4mm, this case is durable without adding any considerable amount of bulk.

Completely compatible with wireless charging, that way you normally use your AirPods Pro remains unchanged with this hard case cover, but this case provides a whole load more protection for not a lot of money.

Of course, the star of the show with this case is the interesting and eye-catching designs on offer. Pictured above is the cool “magic space” design, but other patterns on offer are a cool galaxy design, a pink marble type design perfect with a matching marble phone case, peach blossom, leopard print, and even more!

Whilst this case is mainly geared for young girls and teenagers, there are so many funky designs for all genders and all ages! They add a cute touch and make it easy to distinguish your AirPods from others, and allow you to showcase your unique “you” style. The cut-out around the lightning port is precise, allowing you to easily charge your AirPods without removing the case.

The AirPods Pro case also comes with a metallic heart-shaped ring clip to easily hook it on to your bag, belt loop, or keys.

Priced at $8.99, this stylish hard cover case from Olytop is a great choice for anyone looking for a hardcover with some interesting and cool patterns.

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GVIEWIN Aurora Series AirPods Pro Case, Stylish Marble Full Body Protective Hard Shell Case Cover with Wrist Strap for AirPod Pro Charging Case 2019 [Front LED Visible] (White/Gold)



  • Not actual metal, just metal looking
  • Somewhat bulky

If you’re into a classy, premium look and really like making your technology and accessories look like they belong in an up-market NYC bachelor hotel, this next pick is a perfect hardcover case from you. From GVIEWIN, this beautiful and stylish marble-like case cover is fashionable and super protective, perfect for keeping your precious AirPods Pro safe.

Made from quality hard TPU plastic, this case is scratch-resistant, providing complete protection against drops, knicks, and bumps. With a 3mm thickness, this case is certainly bulkier than others, but it still maintains a smooth, slim profile, and the case will still easily fit in a pocket.

This case also comes with attached beautiful marble patterns faux leather wrist strap, perfect for keeping to your wrist. Or, this leather lanyard is an infinitely more classy way to attach to your handbag than a carabiner clip.

For added protection, the case is lined with electroplated edges, and the rounded corners of the case offer great all-around 360-degree protection against accidental drops. This case even allows you to continue using wireless charging, and the lightning port cut-out allows you to continue wired charging too without having to remove the case.

My favorite color of this product is, of course, this lovely white and gold pattern, but you can also get yourself a leaf green and gold, a lovely Jupiter pattern, or even a romantic purple and gold.

Priced at $15.99, this product is certainly on the premium side of the AirPods Pro case market. But none match the true style and looks of this beautiful, classy case. If you want a case that looks as premium as the AirPods Pro is, the GVIEWIN Aurora is a great way to go.

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elago Duo AirPods Pro Case with Keychain Designed for Apple AirPods Pro Case Cover, 2 Caps + 1 Body (Front LED Visible) [ Classic White, Peach + Pastel Green ]


  • Beautiful pastel colors
  • Extra spare cap
  • Rose gold carabiner clip


  • Annoying charger flap
  • Fit could be better

If you’re into beautiful two-tone pastel designs, the color selection on the elago Duo will make your heart sing. These cute funky colored silicon cases are perfect for anyone looking for a unique and adorable fashion statement for your AirPods.

Each of these cases comes with a spare color top, perfect for switching up the color. The silicone, whilst not as high quality as the MiraCase liquid silicone, is soft and comfortable in hand. It does attract dust easily, but it’s also very easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

This case doesn’t have any gaps at all, and the installation is simple – first, just push the bottom cover up as high as possible, then push down the top one on the front first and wiggle till it fits flush. After some time, the silicone does loosen, so the fit can suffer, but it isn’t anything catastrophic.

On offer are elements of loads of interesting and cute colors, we have a lovely peach, a pastel green, a coral blue, a dark brown, baby mint, lovely pink, pastel blue, but I think the navy-blue pairings are the best. Check out the Amazon listing to see all the color pairings. They are very cute.

The rose gold carabiner clip is very useful to clip your AirPods to your jeans or a bag, and unlike the boring black ones you get with other cases, I adore the rose gold ring clip and brown carabiner. It looks really stylish and classy.

Setting you back $8.99, this case is very affordable and perfect if you love pastel colors and want a cute fashion statement to go along with your AirPods Pro.

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MOBOSI Vanguard Armor Series Military AirPods Pro Case, Full-Body Hard Shell Protective Cover Case Skin with Keychain for AirPod Pro 2019, Black [Front LED Visible]


  • Fairly compact for rugged case
  • Shock absorbent
  • Strong carabiner clip


Next up is this extreme military-themed rugged case for MOBOSI; the vanguard armor series is a great case for anyone looking to venture out into the elements with their AirPods Pros and are looking for a way to keep them protected at all times.

Made from highly resistant and strong TPU plastic, this case is designed to be shock-resistant to fully protect your precious AirPods Pro from drops, scratches, and bumps.

On the back, there is a button built into the case to allow easy access to the AirPod’s reset button, a feature that most cases lack. This means if you need to do a hard reset of your AirPods Pro or need to troubleshoot, there’s no need to take off your case.

This case works with both wired and wireless charging without taking the case off. The status light is visible when charging. A precise lid and bottom create a secure fit for your AirPods Pro while creating a perfectly cool, sleek look. The two-piece design allows the AirPods Pro case a free opening and continuous use.

Coming in various colors, including navy blue, a midnight green, or a cool purple, there is a rugged case to suit all different styles.

With a list price of $17.98, this case certainly isn’t the cheapest. However, for the best protection possible whilst still maintaining a thin profile and allowing wireless charging, the MOBOSI case is great for anyone who’s looking to take their AirPods on an outdoor adventure.

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Airpods Pro Case Leather, Airpod Pro 3 Personalized Leather Cases Dust Guard with Keychain for Airpods Pro [Front LED Visible] Protective Cover Skin Men Women (Brown)


  • Real leather
  • Stylish, and adorable
  • High quality metal clip and button


  • Material wears down quick

If you’re looking for a cute gift for a loved one, or if you love the idea of turning your AirPods into a cuttle little handbag, this leather case from Ezanmull is positively adorable!

Designed specially as a cute little attachment to your backpack, this case cover is made from strong vintage-looking leather with a top-grade natural touch. This case feels great in hand. The strong materials and 360-degree protection keep your AirPods Pro case safe from scratches, bumps, and minor drops.

A precise cutout for where the lightning port is to be plugged in provides easy charging access without needing to that the AirPods Pros out of this cute case. If wires aren’t your style, this case also supports wireless charging, so plopping this on a Qi wireless charger works absolutely fine.

The separated design of the upper cover and lower case ensures easy installation of the AirPods Pro case. What’s more, your AirPods Pro could be fully unfolded under this unique design.

Available in this lovely light brown, a stylish black, or a classy dark green, there is the color for every style (or season, if you switch them up often enough). The durable carabiner clip looks fantastic and ensures this case stays fastened to your backpack or jeans.

Priced at $10.99, this cute premium leather case is at a fair price. If you find the idea of making your AirPods into a cute leather pouch, the Ezanmull Leather Case Cover for AirPods Pro is perfect for you!

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elago AW5 Compatible with Airpods Pro Case, Classic Handheld Game Console Design Case with Keychain, Durable Silicone Construction [US Patent Registered] [Light Grey]


  • Cool design
  • Soft silicone
  • Carabiner Clip


  • No adhesive on the top, could fall off.
  • The charging flap is annoying

If you’re a retro gaming fanatic, boy, have I got a case for you. This adorable little AirPods Pro case cover from Elago is part of their “retro gaming” line of case cover product, and it resembles a swashed down original grey GameBoy!

The case is made of flexible, impact-resistant silicone material. This added layer will prevent scratches and buffs up protection from external impacts. The silicone material feels nice and soft and looks great!

The case is a complete rubber case that sits outside of the AirPods. Nothing changes with the actual AirPods closure – if you have ever opened AirPods, you probably noticed it does take a little effort.

To prevent dust from getting into the charging port at the bottom of the device, there is a flap covering the lightning port. This is great for protection but not so great for convenience. It can be quite annoying trying to wrestle with the tiny flap when you need to charge, but if you opt for wireless charging, this won’t be a problem.

Setting you back around $14.99, this case is a little expensive, but if you want a cute retro design, this is a great pick.

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VRS Design Modern for Apple Airpods Pro Case (2019) Sand Stone


  • Classy, modern and minimalist design
  • Feels great in the hand


  • Stylish, but useless strap
  • Expensive

If you’re a fan of modern, minimalist design, one look at this case, and you’ll be in love. Taking design cues from a Japanese rock garden, the sandstone-design screams classy and looks fantastic to show off to your friends and family.

Made from a flexible TPU on the back and a rugged polycarbonate plastic on the front, the dual-material design adds robustness and flexibility simultaneously to create an effective protective case. Sophisticatedly optimized sleek design offers perfect grip to your hand and durable protection all around.

The case itself is a two-piece case. It’s thick enough to protect the pods from drops but not bulky. It has an opening where the lightning charger plugs in to charge, but it also works with wireless charging. They fit the AirPods Pro snug enough, but the product comes with two adhesive tapes, so they help to hold that the pods in place.

The sandstone texture isn’t rough, and it feels good in the hand. In real life, it looks quite similar and feels quite like a fabric. The only bad thing about this amazing product is that it covers the white button on the back that allows the AirPods to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. To use the reset button, you’ll have to take the AirPods Pro charging case out of the cover.

Priced at $19.99, this case is certainly on the pricier side of the AirPods case market. But, if you’re looking for a very classy and beautiful case cover for your AirPods Pro, look no further than the VRS Design Modern Apple AirPods Case Cover.

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Spigen Urban Fit Designed for Apple Airpods Pro Case (2019) - Gray


  • Sturdy
  • Great feeling fabric
  • Strong metal carabiner


For our final pick, we have a case from the legendary case manufacturer Spigen. This premium pick is perfect for someone who wants the classiest, best feeling, and great-looking case on the market.

Its minimal look is to die for, with the premium knit fabric feeling great in hand, whereas the soft polycarbonate lining on the sides and the back of this case add a sturdy and grippy structure to the case.

The inside of this case is a soft microfiber lining, keeping your charging case clean and scratch-free. This case does not claim to be waterproof, or super durable, or any of those other claims that many other cases make. It tells you exactly what it’s going to do, and it does it.

The metal carabiner clip is strong and feels good in the hand, perfect for clipping to your backpack or jean belt hoop. This case supports wireless charging, and the precise cutout allows for easy access to the lightning port on the bottom of this case.

Priced at $29.99, this case isn’t the cheapest by any stretch of the imagination. But, if you’re in the market for a premium AirPods Pro case that looks great and performs fantastically, Spigen has got you covered with their Urban Fit AirPods Pro Case.

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And there you have it, ten beautiful and functional AirPods Pro cases to pick your fancy. If you’re after an affordable silicone case for your AirPods Pro, I’m really impressed with the value offering BRG provides with their soft silicone case.

If you’re looking for something a little more premium, the VRS Modern Design has a great sandstone look. Whilst the elago Duo has some of the best, most attractive colors on the market.

If you’re looking for a case for a standard Apple AirPods, check out our round-up of the best AirPod Case Covers on Amazon for 2021.

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