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Doing makeup is an art that very few are capable of doing. There are a lot of girls out there who love doing makeup and practicing it. Some girls are good at doing makeup, and some are just afraid of trying new looks or styles on their faces. In the latter case, there are a lot of beauty makeup apps that allow people to have a real-time idea of whether a specific makeup look would suit their face or not.

We tested multiple makeup apps for Android and iOS and have made a list of the top 5 most used and best makeup apps that allow users to try different makeup looks and hairstyles.

Here is the list of the best makeup apps for Android and iOS.

1. FaceApp

This is the most talked-about makeup and beauty app in the town nowadays. FaceApp is a mobile application developed by a Russian company for both Android and iOS users.

This application allows users to change their hairstyles and their makeover look. Not only this, but FaceApp also allows gender transformation that has attracted a large number of users. The app also uses the user’s picture to transform them into their older version, which is quite impressive.

However, this app faces a lot of criticism nowadays because critics say that this face-aging app is a threat to user’s privacy and might have the user’s biometric information.

Availability: Android, iOS

2. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup app

Another well-known makeup and beauty app is the ‘YouCam Makeup,’ installed by iOS and Android users. This app allows you to edit your pictures to see which makeup look suits you better. It has some distinctive features such as eye color change, face slim, nose re-shaping, blemish removal, and gives an analysis of how healthy your skin is.

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There are a lot of tools that allow users to have flawless skin. The tools include makeovers for lips, eyes, brows, face, nose, and tattoos. You can edit the shape of your nose, face, eyes and can choose your favorite lipstick colors. Moreover, the app allows you to color your hair as well as choose different hairstyles for yourself.

It is a free makeup app, so download it today to experience the unique features.

Availability: Android, iOS

3. InstaBeauty

InstaBeauty app logo

InstaBeauty is a selfie picture editor that users can use to edit their selfies to make them a perfect fit for social media. This app is also available for both Android and iOS users.

This app also contains similar features as YouCam Makeup, such as blemish removal, face/nose slimming, and hairstyle change. Not only this, but this app also comes with different features such as removing the black/whiteheads, pimples, or acne to make your skin look flawless.

Another interesting feature offered by this app is that you can also control your height, use a beauty camera, and make a beautiful collage.

Availability: Android, iOS

4. Perfect 365

Perfect 365

Perfect 365 app is another favorite trending app available on iOS and Android. It allows virtual makeup with a lot of features that are available for the face and hair. There are more than 15 makeup tools and styles that come within this app. You can customize the colors according to your choice.

The app also contains the step to step tutorials from different artists that guide users to create the looks on their faces, making them look real. Another distinct feature is that this app allows you to connect with makeup professionals in your nearby area. You can also subscribe to daily makeup updates, looks, and tips.

Availability: Android, iOS

5. Urban- Book wellness at home

Urban- Book wellness at home

People want to feel like they’re having the best time at home on their own terms. Mindfulness, stress management, and mental wellness are all what one direly needs for self-care. Using the Urban application, you can book the services you need to put you in an ideal state of zen, such as massages, facials, nails, and osteopathic treatments. You can choose from thousands of practitioners available there for 7 days a week. Fitness sessions are being added to the urban wellness package to keep you slim, fit, and at the top of the game.

Availability: iOS, Android

6. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder

Lastly, one of the best makeup beauty apps is ‘Photo Wonder.’ Besides using makeup tools for beautification, this app allows you to add effects to your pictures and make collages to share your pictures on social media. It also helps you to adjust your skin tones, slim your face, and remove blemishes. You can also use stickers and can make a movie scene of your pictures.

Give yourself a chance to look more beautiful than ever before!

Availability: Android, iOS

Technology advancements have led to many creative makeup apps that you can use to transform your look completely. The suggestions above will help you make the right choice regarding the most suitable apps for you. You can pick and apply your favorite makeup look in less than 10 minutes and share it with your friends on social media. You can also read our best selfie camera apps and best camera apps to take better photos and look gorgeous.

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