Cybercriminals using new tricks to con victims


Maharashtra’s nodal agency for cybersecurity and cybercrime investigation has warned individuals of new tricks that fraudsters are using to dupe individuals.

Criminals are sending messages (SMS) telling people that their credit card points will expire within 24 hours and they should act immediately to redeem the points. The message provides a link to enable the receiver to convert the points into cash.

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As an example, the agency showed a sample message that said, “Dear customer, your RBL credit card points worth 9,870 will expire by tomorrow. Kindly redeem your points in cash by clicking the following link”.

When the person clicks on the link, it takes him to a fake website. Victims are asked to enter bank account details, thereby compromising their bank data.

The second is a recruitment scam. According to Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), victims receive a message that reads: Bajaj Enterprises Gas Limited (BEGL) has called for recruitment applications. It is a fake company, according to HPCL.

Cybercriminals can exploit individuals in many ways, including asking them to transfer money for exams and recruitment. Even if you don’t deposit money and share your details such as PAN and Aadhaar card numbers, fraudsters can use the documents for identity theft.

They can open bank accounts in your name and use them to dupe others. They may even take loans based on these documents. When they default, the lenders will report you as a defaulter to credit bureaus.

To prevent such scams, you need to be extra cautious. Avoid clicking on any links that are provided in a message. Don’t open any attachments on emails. Before sharing your documents or transferring money for recruitment, always verify the details of the company. It’s easy to make a website, and don’t rely on the recruiter’s website alone. Go beyond that.

Inquire about the company from others. You can also ask on social media if such a company exists and whether they are recruiting.

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