Telegram introduces new voice chat features: Here’s how to use them

Telegram has launched voice chats in channels. The instant messaging application had first introduced Voice Chats in the month of December. The platform claims that Voice Chats on channels will have no limits on participants.

This update also brings recordable voice chats, rich lists of participants, raise hand mechanics, invite links for speakers and listeners, voice chat titles, and a way for public figures to join voice chats as their channels.

According to a release by the platform, admins of channels and public groups can now host voice chats for millions of live listeners. New people will be able to tune in like public radio.

Recorded Chats

Admins can now record audio from voice chats to save talks and publish them for followers who missed the live event.

Once you finish recording, the audio file becomes instantly available in Saved Messages. Chats that are being recorded are marked with a red light next to their title.

Raise Hand

In chats where participants are muted, listeners can tap to raise their hand and alert the admins that they want to speak.

The user’s bio text is visible in the list of participants, which can be used to detail expertise, interests, or just a little bit about yourself. This info might help admins find a good slot for your questions or comments.

Speaker and Listener Links

Admins of public groups and channels can create invite links that open the voice chat right away. Separate links can be made for speakers and listeners. This way users won’t need to unmute important guests when they join – and they can use a different link to promote the upcoming chat to their communities.

Voice chats also have optional titles which help users see the topic of conversation before they join.

When entering a voice chat in a channel, users have the option to join with their personal account or appear as one of their channels. Celebrities and public figures can use this to avoid drawing too much attention to their personal accounts.


Android users can choose which action is assigned to swiping left in the chat list: archiving chats, pinning, muting, deleting or marking them as read. (On iOS, all these swipe actions are always available, depending on which way you swipe.)

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