WhatsApp is looking to bring the ability to adjust the playback speed of voice notes sent within the chat app. So, if you’ve got a few messages to listen to …or have a friend who speaks incredibly slowly, you can quickly power through a few recordings back-to-back to make sure you’re all up-to-date.

News of the forthcoming feature comes courtesy of @WABetaInfo, which is a popular Twitter account that digs through beta releases of WhatsApp to find evidence of future plans. And in the latest beta release, the eagle-eyed team at @WABetaInfo has unearthed evidence of the ability to change the speed of audio playback.

According to @WABetaInfo, the feature is being planned for both iOS and Android.

Speeding up the playback of audio recordings isn’t anything new. In fact, most podcast apps, including the brilliant Pocket Casts and Overcast, offer listeners the ability to increase the speed of the audio to reduce the amount of time it takes to get through an episode. And Telegram, another popular messaging app, has already added the ability to control the playback of audio messages with a “double speed” option for those short on time.

The last major tweak to voice messages within WhatsApp came with the introduction of the ability to continue listening even as you leave your current conversation and use other features within the app. Before this much-requested feature, users would have to keep their iPhone unlocked and on the chat window with the voice memo currently playing.

Word on this new feature comes as WhatsApp users who haven’t agreed to the latest privacy policy from the Facebook-owned app could lose access to their account. Following a huge backlash when the updated small-print was introduced earlier this year, which led to millions of users fleeing WhatsApp for rival messaging services, the company pushed back the deadline by three months. Users had feared the new terms would result in more data from their individual conversations shared with parent company Facebook.

This isn’t the case at all, according to WhatsApp. Conversations will remain end-to-end encrypted – keeping them locked away from any prying eyes inside (or outside) the company.

The only change introduced by the new small-print surrounds conversations with businesses, like customer care representatives for an online brand, which remain completely optional. However, if you do decide to contact a brand using your WhatsApp account within the main app, some data around that chat will be shared with Facebook.

With the revised deadline to agree to the terms now looming large, WhatsApp is reminding users to sign-up to the new privacy policy or lose the ability to send and receive messages within the app. “Please accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp,” the latest in-app prompt reads.

If you do want to take this opportunity to leave WhatsApp in your rear-view mirror, you can find a breakdown of the best alternatives right here.

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