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YouTube is now letting creators check if their video will have copyright issues during upload with its newly introduced “Checks” feature.

Credit: Google

YouTube has recently added a step to the upload process simply called “Checks.” The feature aims to analyze video content prior to its publishing. The analysis will check whether the video is violating the copyright rules or not. In this way, the YouTube video creators from now can easily notice whether their video is making any copyright infringement or if it is safe to go on garnering views on YouTube online. As such, creators should be better prepared before the video is released to know what they’ll be dealing with. This, however, will not affect future claims that would be made manually. Only those that would be identified by YouTube’s automated systems would be affected.

A tweet about the feature is also making the rounds on social media. Moreover, one of the members of the YouTube team of 9to5Google noticed the change on their YouTube channel last week, according to them.

9to5Google team spotted the check feature in its YouTube channel dashboard
Credit: 9to5Google

According to Google, the feature went live this week. Those YouTube content creators who aren’t seeing it already can expect to see it within the next day or two. During the time the checks run, YouTubers may still publish the video. Nevertheless, it is important to note that if issues are found later, they might adversely affect the visibility or monetization of the video.

In response to the question How ‘Checks’ work in the Studio Upload flow, the Google Support team responded,

During the upload flow on desktop, you’ll see the option to review your video in the new “checks” step for potential copyright claims and ad-suitability issues before the video is published. You can learn more about this new step in this Help Center article.

Whenever a copyright claim is detected after the check, users will see what they need to do when clicking on ‘See details.’ Users will see what video content is being claimed, along with a timecode associated with it, as well as the impact of that claim on their video.

Since YouTube was launched, copyright has been a problem for creators, and it is not uncommon for them to get into trouble over it. Many budding YouTubers who, after creating their YouTube profile from scratch and gathering huge views, have found themselves in hot waters due to copyright issues. In the past,  European Union officially voted in favor of a controversial new law called the Copyright Detective, which aimed to update copyright regulation laws for the new age of the internet. The Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki denounced the EU’s Copyright Regulation Proposal and called it “impossible to implement” in her blog post. However, YouTube’s recent update could prevent YouTube users from inadvertently coming across copyright violations. It could also be used to stop instances of piracy on YouTube.

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