5 Reason Why React Native Will Be The Future of Mobile App Development?

React Native’s inception is comparatively new, but the praise and adoption it got from the developers in such a short time, indicate that it has something great to offer.

React Native is the fusion of two worlds, Android and iOS. A powerful platform produced by Facebook is the smartest way to develop an application.

According to the global survey of 2020, React Native is the number one framework for cross-platform development.

In the development market, competition is beyond imagination nowadays. For competing in the market, the key is to become fast. But becoming fast is not enough; a compelling and quality product is also the most critical requirement.

As we all witness, App stores are flooding with applications every day, but only a few acquire the attention, and the rest wander in digital space forever. The logic is simple; they lack performance and consist of inconsistent UI and UX. While React Native solves this problem, it offers speedy performance and satisfies the consumer requirement from every aspect.

Before this framework, choosing a development platform was a dilemma. Businesses and startups struggled to choose between iOS and Android. Every forum has its audience and demographics. But if you fire two shots from one bullet, the game becomes interesting. Always go with the smart work instead of hard work. Doing hard work is not bad but achieving the same thing with minimum resources makes you better.

What is React Native?

It is the platform for hybrid application development and capable of providing native performance and also tone down the web application development process. The framework utilizes the power of JavaScript to fasten the development process. It can easily integrate the components of Objective C, Swift, and Java. Most popular examples of applications developed in this hybrid framework Bloomberg, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

Now you know these applications and aware of their market standard, it is needless to say that what potential React Native holds as a framework. There are also other hybrid development frameworks available out there, but they lack performance, and applications built over them use too many resources from the device. In contrast, React Native is highly optimized to deliver the experience near to native experience in minimum resource usage.

Some of the great benefits which React Native platform provide are:

– Third-party application integration

– A single code base for multiple OS

– Highly efficient

– Assist in UI development

– Portability

Hybrid Application Development Future

As time is passing, the graph of hybrid development is reaching upwards. Numerous development companies have adopted hybrid development as their core area. Due to code reusability, faster development time, plugins support, and preloaded feature-set decrease a significant amount of development time.

Market trends are continuously changing, and businesses have to opt for hybrid development to sustain in the industry. As the requirement of time is less in a hybrid environment, a company can enter the market with their products before their competitors. Eventually, it also increases the probability of success. Nevertheless, the right approach at the right time is the key to gain success.

Top 5 Reasons Why React Native is the Future

Compatibility for Cross-Platform

With this platform, developers do not need to write code in different languages for different platforms. With a single code-base, the business can target both markets, which are iOS and Android. Most of the Application Programming Interface (API) of React Native is cross-platform, facilitating application development services.

As iOS and Android both have different system architecture, this modern and futuristic framework also contains platform-specific modules. This functionality eases developers’ work as they don’t have to switch on other IDEs and languages when programming for either OS. The code’s maintenance and testing also become hassle-free.

It will not be a mistake to say that this platform is not less than a blessing for the development industry. Every developer should give it a try at least once it, and maybe from that day, they never look back again.

  • Native Performance in Hybrid Application

A native application delivers the best performance but sadly comes with a higher price.

Applications developed inside this framework can compete easily with the native applications. Everyone demands rich features with performance, and gladly, React Native understand and blend this phenomenon very well. Its hybrid application does not look native; they perform like a native.

Support of keyboard strokes, animations, and accelerated scrollbar sometimes outperforms the real native applications. Sometimes it is harder to tell the difference between native and hybrid applications with it.

Even the complex application idea can be implemented smoothly by this framework. You can say that this is the powerpack that every developer needs. That is one of the reasons why React Native is the number one choice by developers.

  • From Web Application to Mobile Application

With this framework, there is an easy transformation of a web application into a mobile application. It’s so intuitive and responsive, allowing developers to visualize web application feel like a smartphone application. Website based applications are developed using the progressive web application (PWA), which later can be transformed into the smartphone app utilizing react native.

Programmers transform web application into coding logic by taking reference of it. Then develop a test case to validate the possibility of shaping a web application into a smartphone application. For growing the application development company, it is the best feature of React Native to use.

  • Live Updates

Live updates over the JS libraries is one the significant benefit with React Native development. Without waiting for the app store’s time-consuming update cycle, developers can perform live updates in their application. With the aid of JavaScript, developers can update the mobile application on the go.

With the integration of the CodePush software development kit (SDK) with React Native platform, one can quickly push the live updates to their mobile application. With keeping the future in mind, the live update feature is essential for businesses and startups to provide a great user experience and keep themselves away from the application’s older version.

  • Compatibility for Third-Party Plugins

Support of third-party plugins in React Native is a critical benefit for developers. This compatibility ensures that even on old OS versions, the application runs smoothly without any issues. The friendship between third-party plugins and React Native is beneficial for programmers. The link of plugins with native modules enables to use of functionalities like rotate and zoom.

Additionally, it also removes the requirement of using WebView for particular functions. The overall app development process with React Native framework becomes so convenient and efficient and occupies less memory.

The Conclusion

One of the best frameworks for this generation of developers and businesses is React Native, without any doubt. This powerful open-source technology reduces the time required to program the application significantly. Hybrid application development now somewhat trends in the mobile industry. Also, it is an assumption that React Native will be the future of the digital world.

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It is always smart to get a consultation from such big companies; they can define a progressive roadmap for you with their industry experience to achieve a business objective in minimum time and efficiently. Rest, going with React Native development is worth it.



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