7 Creative Poster Ideas To Boost Your Career In Graphic Design

Poster design not only increases awareness about a cause or celebrates an exhibition, but it also lets artists explore their true artistic potential. In this series, we’ve picked amazing posters design ideas that impress with uniqueness and good taste. We have included typography poster designs, cartoon poster designs, event poster designs, bullying posters designs and many more. So we can bring thoughts and motivation to you. Let’s start now!

 1. Event Posters

The biggest concern for the design of an event poster is that they get slapped together so fast. Treat it as a special project and create a visual theme for the concept.

 The design of the event poster is a lot of fun. For most poster designs, you really get to express your design with a one-off layout for a specific case. However, you may still have limitations such as product graphic design or colour scheme.

 2. Illustration Posters 

Illustrative posters are nothing new in the graphic design world. They are super artistic, inspirational, and they will definitely transform your head as you pass past them. Flat style is now prevalent for posters, but artists and illustrators are now experimenting with textures and more imaginative drawing techniques. Have a look at that.

 3. Photography Posters

This list would not be complete if we did not have one of the most common posters design looks for Photography Poster Designs. Though there are many opportunities to create incredible visual editing results, color filters are a big success right now and other graphic design trends for 2020.

4. Typography Posters

A range of poster design concepts with awesome typography artwork, including 3D typography design, warped typography design, typography design, and more. Typography is a world of immense imagination that has the potential to make you look for hours. These typography styles are genuinely captivating, and they don’t need an illustration to make a point.

5. Job Posters

Hiring employees are extremely tight these days, and a little more effort on your job poster will not cost a fortune, but it’s going to have a lot of results. The trick is to know exactly what most of the applicants would be involved in your work.

Job posters play a crucial role while companies are sharing them on their social media platforms and website.

6. Grand Opening Posters

The grand opening of your company/Business is a fascinating and important time. It’s important to do it correctly to set the perfect tone for the company to go forward.

Social media is one of the easiest places to reach a wide crowd for the grand opening. Share the grand opening posters via mainstays like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

7. No Bullying Posters

Bullying has become a serious, life-threatening problem. Children cannot get away from it, which has led to several suicides. Schools are trying to take a step against violence, and with parents, lawmakers, and the media concerned, educators are having a rough time satisfying everybody.

Bullying Posters are a great way to influence teens because they’ll repeatedly see these memorable messages with catchy images and slogans.

Write your content out first, then transfer to a design program and then copy and paste the content into the design program you have selected for making your poster and edit it as needed to fit formatting.



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