7 Services provided by study overseas education consultants

These days’ students are crazy about going abroad. Many students aspire to go abroad for their higher studies to be self-dependent, exposure to new culture, adapting new technology etc. Day by day the trend is gradually rising due to plenty of opportunity outside the country. They see a better future with lots of opportunities and fun task which will make their hard work payoff. But this is also a known fact that going abroad is not a tedious task. It involves lots of documentation procedure, interviews and tests. And doing this all by us is not at all possible. In this case, it is always advisable to always go for an overseas education consultant. They are clearly aware of all the colleges and universities, fee structure, alterations in international study laws, visa, application letters etc. They are pretty much experienced in all aspects and are great at assisting.

The consultants will provide you with all the information related to document submissions, offer letters to universities, language tests, interview etc. There are many consultancy service providers these days, so it is very mandatory to choose one based on reviews and recommendations.

So before choosing one, it is important to all the services provided by them. It is important to under which all services are covered by them. Following are some of the services covered by them and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Student profile analysis- The first job of the overseas consultant is to go through the academic results, work experience, bank balance etc. These factors help in increasing the chances of getting a visa. They make sure that you get the best of everything at low cost possible. It is important for you to have an attractive student profile and this overseas consultant will help you out.
  • Career counseling- This is always a major concern of the students to choose a career path. Here the study overseas education consultants will be there for you to make you understand each and every aspect of the field you can try in. They are well experienced in giving you guidance.
  • University selection- It is not easy to select a university as we are not aware of the reputation of the colleges and university. It is very important to choose the right college which has a good name in that country plus it should have good placements. So it is important to have a deep discussion about the university or college with the counselor.
  • Financial aid- There is many national and international scholarships if you have good academic results. We are not aware of such scholarships but the overseas counselors are. They will tell you about that if you are not financially stable and if you meet all the eligibilities. This will give you great opportunities in future. In the case of a student loan, they will help you in completing all the loan formalities and documentation.
  • Visa guidance- Many students often face the problem of visa rejection. The overseas counselor will help you to avoid visa rejections and will give you the reasons if any. Visa rejections can ruin the whole process and make it difficult to get again if rejected multiple times.
  • Pre-departure briefing- They will handover you all the documents and make you explain all the requirements you need to meet. Before catching your flight, they will assist you with all the further steps which are meant to be followed.
  • Post-departure briefing- In case of any emergency after landing abroad, you can contact them. In some cases, they will also provide you with some contact numbers which might help you there. They will be available to you in all situations. Their assistance and guidance will be with your always.

So the above points cover all the services provided by them. Also, they help in clearing the language test which is one the most important thing to be done with good scores. They will help you with all the basics required. They will also be there with you for the psychometric testing. These are majorly important.

Also, there are many cases where people have faced fraud consultants who just take lakhs of money of innocent people and run away. We have heard about such scams, so it is important to choose the genuine one which has a good name. Moreover this affects the sentiments of people as going abroad is a hope for many students. So following points will help you to know on what basis you can choose your overseas education consultant:

  • Credibility- It is always mandatory to know the reliability and credibility of the service providing company. You can take the online help to verify the consultants in your place. Try to know their background, recognition, reputation, services cost, reliability etc. These points will reflect the level of quality services they provide.
  • Experience- An experienced consultant will always find the best possible way to get rid the worst situations. They are always ready with the backup plan in case of any emergency. The experienced study overseas consultant will make the process pretty smooth and make sure it is done on time combating all the hurdles.
  • Always compare- It is always the best idea to compare the best consultants so that you can take a wise decision. You can choose on the basis of experience, recommendation, reviews, knowledge, and reputation in this field. You may also try to talk to the previous clients and ask them to share their experience with them. Make sure to choose the right ones to avoid any fraudulent activity.
  • Transparency- While taking counseling, try to have a deep conversation with them. This will help you to get an insight into them. Don’t fall the big promises done by them as it is important for the right counselor to show you the reality. Some will promise you to get the visa and application letters instantly. So stay aware and choose which will give show you the real image but will fill you with confidence.

So these are some of the points which you should consider while choosing them. There are many top study abroad consultants in Delhi as they are known for their quality of assistance.


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