A Beginner’s Guide to Matic Cryptocurrency

Being native crypto to the popular Polygon network, Matic digital currency has earned a significant interest among the trading community. It serves as an accelerator within the network and ensures fast transaction fee payments. Do you need to invest in the coin? What are the price predictions and forecasts from the experts? This beginner’s guide to Matic cryptocurrency will help you answer the questions. 

Matic Cryptocurrency: An In-Depth Insight into the Topic 

Being a popular online asset these days, Matic entered the market years ago before its boom. It was 2017 when 3 Indian software engineers designed the cryptocurrency. It’s now based on the Polygon network. Experts show their interest in the Matic currency and especially the Polygon network that is opposed to the popular Ethereum blockchain. 

The main question is: Do you need to swap Matic to ETH? It might not be the best alternative due to the benefits users draw from the Polygon network if compared to the ETH one. Frequent connection congestion and high transaction fees make the Ethereum blockchain less beneficial than the Polygon platform with its more developed security guarantees.   

The Polygon (Matic) network intends to offer working solutions to the scalability problems spotted on other blockchains. It ensures mass cryptocurrency adoption. Being a second-level solution, the Polygon network processes the transactions on its own first. It accelerates the processing time enabling up to 7,000 TPS. This indicator is way less impressive if you take the ETH blockchain. 

Where to Buy and Swap Matic: Top 3 Online Exchange Platforms

If you consider Matic currency to be a worthy investment, it’s time to find a trustworthy white label cryptocurrency exchange software to buy, sell or swap the coins. There are different options for the traders, but you should choose the leading competitors on the market. In the following list, you will find the top 3 online exchange platforms to help you handle the transactions. 

  • LetsExchange is on top of the list, offering the best features for trading experts, analysts, and digital money investors. It’s a reliable platform with highly developed smart contracts, security guarantees, and a wide set of options for the users. You can benefit from the accurate exchange rates and fast processing time. 
  • Coinbase is the alternative to the first point. This platform is also popular among traders offering secure payments and a user-friendly interface. 
  • If you need a different exchange service, you should also try to work with the Binance. 

These 3 online services are the leading exchange platforms for traders. You can swap Matic coins, buy or sell digital currency and ensure safe transactions on the Internet. 

Matic Price Prediction: Is It a Good Investment?

To ensure an accurate price forecast, an in-depth analysis must be performed. The experts state that the short-term forecast can change due to market instability. However, the long-term forecast is optimistic. The chances are high that the Matic currency will reach an all-time high rate in 2022. But there must be favorable conditions to help the optimistic forecast come to reality. 

Significant price growth is expected with the Matic currency. This is the forecast done by many reputable experts and crypto analysts. The WalletInvestor source predicted the Matic coin to overcome the $3,3 point in the upcoming year. The Government Capital has even more optimistic forecasts predicting the Matic cryptocurrency to reach $4 by the next year, meaning you can learn more about the coin and try to invest. 


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