Alternate Design trends- and how to incorporate them into your exteriors

The design has evolved, especially with the new social media platforms becoming a hub for the growth of new and alternative design trends and aesthetics- most of which are rooted in the past and are being made timeless by incorporating modern elements and sustainable alternatives. So if you are looking to remodel your home or construct it, and would rather not go with the same, boring styles, this alternate design guide is perfect for you!

Cottage Core

As the name suggests, these designs center around cottage life- surrounded by flowers, nature and preferably, a big garden where plants can be grown. This aesthetic is closely linked to self-sufficiency and sustainability- revolving around using vintage pieces, recycling, upcycling, and growing your food. Two prominent exterior design styles are used in this aesthetic- the Tudor style and the Bungalow style.

Tudor exterior design

The main giveaway of these design trends are the steep roofs, overlapping, front-facing gables and the majority of exteriors made from brick and decorated with timbering. The tall and narrow windows, as well as the larger windows, often like the ones seen in the medieval era, are a common feature in these homes. They go so well with the cottage core aesthetic as they allow for a cottage vibe. The smaller versions of these houses look straight out of a storybook! Having lush gardens around the space with big windows to let in the light makes them perfect for those who crave this lifestyle.


These exterior designs are like Tudor- they feature steep roofs and are usually surrounded by big gardens. Their main feature is that they are usually smaller- varying between one to one and a half story height. Bungalows are considered the perfect homes for a cottage core exterior design as they are usually surrounded by a garden, both in front as well as the back. They have large windows, unlike Tudor which can sometimes feature tall and narrow windows.

Dark Academia

Dark academia aesthetic is a subculture design trend that glorifies academics and humanities. It’s inspired by Greek and Roman culture and plays an emphasis on poetry, art, social studies, and languages. Its themes are mostly on the darker side- going with the neutrals and creating an atmosphere that is darker and gloomy. Of course, the UK is the perfect place to have a house that fits directly into this aesthetic (given the weather). Several exterior design styles are inspired by the dark academia aesthetic that you can choose from:


While these styles can be converted into both- light as well as dark academia, they are especially popular for their darker looks. This style includes various eras and the ones that go well with the dark aesthetic are Gothic Revival, Greek revival, Romanesque revival, and Italianate. All these eras have different features but share some similarities- steeply pitched roofs, Bricked exteriors, ornate gables, iron railings, churchlike rooftop finials and small gardens. Each of these eras bid a tribute to what was famous at that time- but all of them encompass the dark academia aesthetic.

Greek revival, as the name signifies, was based on reviving the Greek architectural styles. Inspired by the classism of ancient Greek and Rome, the features use Greek temple style façades, buildings rendered in wood or brick and gently sloping roofs. A Romanesque revival is a form of architectural style that started in the 19th century and derives its inspiration from the early 11th-12th century roman architecture. The difference is that these buildings tend to seek easier and simpler forms of architectural elements as opposed to their inspirational counterpart. Several exterior design styles are inspired by the dark academic aesthetic that you can choose from:  


This style was famous during the reign of King Edward. It took major inspiration from the arts and craft movement and is known for big windows, exposed brick exteriors and porches. Their rustic approach to architecture and building makes them perfect for the moody weather of the country. However, no matter what kind of house you are constructing, it is important that you include proper and functional gutters, especially if you are going for a steep roof. This ensures that your house is not affected by the rainwater and the rainwater is properly deposited in a manner that does not harm the house. To get proper gutters installed, it’s better to contact professionals by clicking here. 


The hallmark of academia aesthetic. Baroque design styles are grand, complex, and dynamic. Originating in the 16th century, this kind of home-style became famous in Germany and notably, South America as well. It consists of complex architectural plans that incorporate a lot of softer, curved shapes like an oval. They are defined by their richly decorative surface treatments, painted ceilings, and big, bright windows. They can be used either for darker aesthetics or lighter ones, depending on the exterior colour palette chosen.


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