Automated Trading- Analysing the One of the Bot for Cryptocurrency Trading

The role that trading bots play in the cryptocurrency industry cannot be overestimated. With the concept of automated trading, crypto investors can use the speculative nature of the financial market to their advantage even when they lack the expertise or time to commit to it.

In other words, missing out on profiting in trades due to the constriction of availability is overruled.

Before we delve entirely into leveraging trading bots to maximize the swings in the crypto market, let’s get a grasp of what the concept entails.

Crypto trading bots are simply computer programs capable of triggering trade executions based on predetermined orders. They are designed to trade independently and efficiently by placing buy and sell orders when the period is considered suitable.

Trading bots execute trades on an investor’s behalf. One of the most notable types of trading bots is known as the “grid bot” which assists investors to execute the grid trading strategy.

There are hundreds of trading bots available on the market and choosing the best bot for crypto trading might seem a challenge to newcomers. Some of these bots are structured independently and need to be integrated with a broker or crypto exchange to function.

Bitsgap is one of many trading bot providers that is highly revered. It offers crucial features that simplify trading processes. This article would equip you with the necessary information about this trading bot provider.

The Best All-in-One Automated Trading Solution

Bitsgap emerges with a refreshing feature. A trader doesn’t need to opt for other services, because the platform offers a cryptocurrency management service delivered via API keys management.

Although the service has only been existent for a few years, its usefulness cuts across the needed operations. For instance, investors can use the trading bot features, manage their crypto portfolio, trade, get signals, and take advantage of dozens of analytical tools, all under the platform.

This minimizes the risk factors involved with circulating assets from one platform to another to access certain services. This single service model earmarks Bitsgap as one of the most convenient crypto management services.

Prominent Features of Bitsgap Trading Bots

Competition in the trading bot sphere is quite fierce. With new developments shooting forward now and then, a trading bot service that desires to stand out should narrow down on features that evoke simplicity and comfort. Bitsgap stands out vividly as it concentrates on helping users reach the best possible trades easily.

Bitsgap has a lot to offer, being a single plan for managing the totality of the trader’s crypto portfolio. Aside from this, the platform hinges on about 25 crypto exchanges to offer versatile services to their users. The attention Bitsgap pays to user interface security is as well commendable.

However, there are more unique features that place the spotlight on the platform. Here are some of the most distinguishing factors of Bitsgap’s trading bots.

  • Spot and Futures Bots: The crypto management platform offers three bots divided between spot and futures trading. While the latter should best be leveraged by pro traders, the bots are rated well. The spot bots are dubbed “Classic bot” and “Sbot.” The recently incorporated one for futures trading is known as the “Combo Bot,” which combines grid and DCA technology.
  • Trading Signals: By connecting with over 25 exchanges, the platform detects upward trends and lists them as signals on its tab. This feature lets the investor avoid conducting technical analysis on crypto from scratch.
  • Arbitrage Trading: Bitsgap offers arbitrage trading by collating prices of digital assets across multiple exchanges, striking the best deal with just a few clicks. With this feature, an average trader is less likely to miss out on buying into the right deals at the right time.

Bitsgap Trading Bots Pricing

It is safe to say that virtually anyone has a chance to test Bitsgap bots. You can explore the platform and decide whether it suits your trading style.

Before enrolling in a paid subscription, new users are offered an unprecedented 14-day trial plan. In particular, the entry ticket in the world of automated trading starts with a basic package at $19 per month. Other than that, Bitsgap offers its customers an advanced plan at $44 per month and a pro package at $110 per month, with no trading limits and other features like trailing down.

Worth mentioning, Bitsgap does not charge any internal trading fees or other types of additional commissions. Investors only pay those trading fees charged by the exchanges they use.

A slew of opportunities

The cryptocurrency market is known for offering traders lots of opportunities. One of the easiest ways to maximize income is to leverage automated trading using the most efficient trading bots.

Bitsgap has established itself with its disruptive features to stand out as a reputable option. Since crypto trading might encompass other tools, the platform has developed a unique digital structure covering all the necessary features.


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