Cable TV vs. Netflix: What’s better? – USA 2022

We are living in a time where we have seen the rise of streaming services and the threat they are posing to cable TV. The streaming conflicts and the cord-cutting movement is coexisting. It appears that the cable TV companies have fallen short of what their customers were hoping for. As a result, acquiring numerous streaming services for home entertainment is becoming a popular trend.

However, it does not mean that cable TV has been entirely left behind. Netflix and Amazon Prime lack something that cable TV has. Giving up your cable service is a sin, according to fans of news and sports. Although these services offer superior quality, hassle-free entertainment. These services do not, however, including local channels, sports, news, or weather.

This is a constantly growing argument, hence the importance of drawing this comparison down below. It will help you make an informed decision if you do not know whether to keep the cable TV or switch to Netflix, or any other streaming platform for that matter.

1.    Available Content

Fair enough, the types of stuff Netflix offer is incomparable. A collection of TV shows, motion pictures, and documentaries can be found on Netflix. The days of hiding out on pirate sites to get your favorite films and TV shows are long gone. You can stream any popular TV show on Netflix whenever you want. Streaming eliminates the hassle of downloading when you have high-speed internet. Over the years, Netflix has produced a variety of original programming, including Black Mirror, Squid Game, Stranger Things, She, and many others.

Cable, on the other hand, offers something unique in the form of a service that brings all of your favorite political and news programs under one roof. Since with cable you get access to an extensive library of channels, such as with Mediacom canales you get 170+ options to choose from it makes it hard to miss out on all the fun. Cable TV is a dependable choice to watch all the news updates and catch your favorite soccer match.

2.    Service Quality

Your internet connection is required to view Netflix. The streaming will suffer if your internet speed is slow. Of course, you may download all of your preferred seasons at once and watch them later, but if your internet is slow, you won’t go very far. Similar issues exist with cable TV as well. You may become quite frustrated by frequent power outages, cable box troubles, and wiring issues. You will need to wait for a specialist to arrive and fix things if something similar happens.

3.    Accessibility

There are numerous difficulties with cable TV. When moving into a new home, you must ensure that the wiring is sound and that the cable port is close to the location where you want to install the TV. Netflix, on the other hand, is quite practical. You can watch it on your portable devices with ease, regardless of wherever you are. Just a good internet connection is all you need, and you will be sorted.

4.    Binge-Watching

Once upon a time, you were trained to watch just one episode per week. The goal was to maintain interest, create a buzz, and maintain high levels of enthusiasm. This was a typical tactic to increase the possibilities for cash derived from advertisements. The Netflix phenomenon upended everything. They moved oppositely with little consideration for revenue derived from advertisements. You receive all of the Netflix originals’ seasons’ worth of episodes in a single day. This allowed us the flexibility to watch our preferred programs whenever we wanted.

5.    The Pricing Factor

With monthly fees starting at $9.99, Netflix is the undisputed victor here. Your monthly bill won’t increase yearly, and there are no extra charges, taxes, or levies. High-definition television or equipment is not an additional cost. Each month, cable TV costs you a significant amount of money. The fundamental package, equipment rental, broadcast fee, sports surcharges, taxes, and DVR fee are all extra costs.

6.    Final Verdict

No one can take a clear stance in an argument between Netflix and cable TV, since the response is highly subjective. What works for one, does not work for the other individual at all. They both serve different purposes and come with different pros, so decide for yourself with the aforementioned discussion which one you would like to keep.

If you are someone who does not like to keep up with the news or sports and like to binge-watch content then Netflix is the one for you. On the other hand, if you cannot give up on your live TV channels, then why cut the cord?


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