CSM® or PSM™ I, II or III – Which Certification Should You Pursue

The debate as to whether CSM® is better or PSM™ is forever ongoing. Some opine both are the same, some consider CSM® to be better while some prefer PSM™. Moreover, if you do opt for PSM™, till which stage is it enough? The number of options isn’t limited to these either. However, what is true for all is that is none of these are futile and are best suitable to the individual or organizational needs. So let’s first go over the differences between the certified and professional scrum master training.

CSM® vs. PSM™

Both CSM® and SM I are foundational certifications and hold the same value, mostly as the content for the training does not differ as much. Both CSM® and PSM™ I guides have been developed by the collaboration of Scrum.Org and Scrum Alliance.

However, where they do differ quite a lot is in their proceedings, examination, and granting of certifications.

In the case of CSM®, one has to attend formal training under an official trainer, and maybe reviewed their understanding of the course and be granted a certificate. Thus almost anyone can get a CSM® certification. However, in the case of PSM™ training , the training isn’t compulsory but is of course helpful as passing the examination is quite difficult.

The costs for CSM® training are also usually higher than that of PSM™.

The Three Stages of PSM™ – PSM™ I, PSM™ II, PSM™ III

If you do end up pursuing PSM™, here are the stages of certification you may choose to go through.


PSM™ I is the foundational stage where scrum professionals get acquainted with the scrum basics, such as how to build and develop teams and people, how to apply the scrum framework into the organization, how to manage products with agility, and so on.


PSM™ II, of course, digs deeper into the world of scrum and the test difficulty to rises to a level. However both PSM™ I and II follow a similar testing pattern. In this intermediate stage, the professionals are trained into a deeper understanding of scrum and how to apply it in more complex situations and projects, how to develop agile organizations, develop products, deliver them, and so on.


With PSM™ III you develop extensive knowledge on the world of the scrum. However to pass this advanced stage is extremely difficult, and there is only a few hundred PSM™ III certified personnel all around the world.

Here one expects you to not only have knowledge about the workings of the Scrum framework but how to apply it and even how to train or coach people into learning and adapting it. This shows in one, the maximum expertise of scrum and will have international recognition and demand based on it.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Many have assessed PSM to be quite difficult but with the right aid, you too can attain it. And where to get that immersive level of training? KnowledgeHut has your back. Not only do you develop an authentic understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of Scrum but also acquaint yourself with PSM experts who can help and open up a world of opportunities for you.


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