Do Biotin Gummies for Hair Really Work? Dermatologist’s Opinion

The voluminous and bouncy hair commercials of the modern days have set serious hair goals for all. Thanks to these extremely appealing hair product commercials, the quest for the right hair care products is always on. Healthy hair is a universal wish irrespective of its type. Therefore, many people frantically search for hair care solutions and other hair fall treatments to help them improve their hair condition from within. Biotin is believed to be a familiar name and a popular answer to the healthy hair question.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin of the B complex family known as Vitamin B7 and or Vitamin H. This vitamin is indispensable to our body for proper functioning and its metabolism. Biotin is available in food items that one takes, and the biotin in food help meet the recommended amount. The food items that can help us meet and fulfil our biotin needs such as Egg yolk, spinach, nuts, soybeans, and more.

Biotin metabolises food, fat, and amino acids that provide energy to the body and strengthen hair to prevent breakage, promote thickening, improve the shine and texture of the hair. Biotin helps in the maintenance of keratin levels in your hair. Therefore, biotin deficiencies are rare, and the adequate intake standards set by the FNB, i.e. around 30 mcg, are generally met from the food items. However, deficiency can occur due to many reasons:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle and food habits
  • A rare autosomal recessive disorder called Biotinidase deficiency causes biotin deficiency despite regular and healthy food intake. It prevents the body from providing the required amount or producing free biotin.
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Pregnant and Lactating individuals

In such cases, biotin treatment and supplements become essential to healthy living. Besides, biotin can be taken irrespective of these problems as a precaution or as a part of the self-care routine. It is taken as a food supplement by many for improving the overall health of the hair and hair growth. Biotin supplements come in various forms, such as tablets and gummies. You can easily buy biotin gummies or biotin tablets online or at drug stores.

Do Biotin Gummies for Hair really work?

Yes, Biotin gummies for hair work when taken with the right diet and exercise. Studies have been conducted to prove the efficiency of biotin supplements, and biotin gummies are a more appealing form of biotin supplements. These are delicious to eat and provide benefits to your hair.

There have been several studies conducted on biotin supplements for hair in different forms, and these were the findings:

  • In a 2012 study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, parallelly experimented with a biotin supplement and a placebo on women who perceived that they had thinning hair. After 90 days increase in volume, coverage of scalp and thickness of hair strands were observed. Another observation taken 180 days later showed increased shine, skin moisture retention, and a smoother skin texture. No noticeable side effects were recorded during or after the experiments.
  • In 2015 the Journal of Dermatology Research and Practice published a 3-Month trial on women who perceived that they had thinning hair. This was a double-blind experiment where a marine protein supplement (MPS) and placebo were applied on two different groups, respectively. After the trial, it was observed that hair fall decreased, and the hair quality improved.

Both these experiments used Viviscal which contains biotin. It is also to be noted that visible results need at least 90 days to reveal. However, it should be noted that along with the right supplement in the form of biotin gummies, the right diet is necessary for hair health.

How Biotin Gummies Help Your Hair?

Biotin gummies provide a host of benefits and can help in improving your hair by:

1.   Provides right nutrition

Biotin gummies consist of the right amount of biotin and proper many other vitamins and micronutrients such as Vitamin D and calcium. Thus, besides biotin, it also acts as a nutrient booster for your body.

2.   Helps in hair growth

With the proper nutrition and adequate vitamin intake, your hair growth can improve. Since biotin is directly related to hair growth, taking these gummies enhances the level of biotin in the body.

3.   Prevents hair breakage

Biotin impacts the strengthening of hair strands, and when the level of biotin in the body improves, hair breakages reduce. Hence, biotin gummies help in reducing hair fall due to o breakage.

4.   Improves overall hair health

The right consumption of biotin will ultimately improve the health of your hair and will ensure a thick and shiny mane.

However, that doesn’t give one free reign to pop the gummies as Halloween treats. It can be seen that many biotin supplements available in the market might carry more significant amounts of biotin than what is considered to be an adequate daily intake. The biotin levels can vary and even be 5,000mcg or more, where the recommended adequate information is about 30mcg. Hence, it is essential to be cautious while taking a multivitamin. Hence, the FDA recommends that one should consult their healthcare provider or physician before one takes a supplement that contains biotin.


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