A day solely devoted to love. A day meant for the celebration of romance, Valentine’s day is all about cherishing your relation with your loved ones. While many of us would have our plans set for the day, there might be some people who are still stuck with the primary thought of how to plan their day with their loved ones? Valentine’s celebration must not be confined to romantic partners only, and you can use the day to spread love everywhere you have received it from. Spending time with our loved ones would be the best Valentine gift for them. A perfect Valentine’s day would be the one that is utilized to express our affection for every important person in our life.

Valentine’s celebrations can be extravagant but they need not be so. No doubt it is an annual occasion, yet it shall not cost you arms and legs. You need not spend your money on lavish gifts. You can make your valentine’s day memorable by being creative. So if you have a low budget and are wondering how to plan your valentine’s day along with your partner, we have made a list of valentine gifts that won’t cost you much and would also make your day.


If you live somewhere near the mountains, you can use your surroundings in your favor. You don’t have to think about choosing a place to meet. You can walk upto the hills and enjoy the vibes of your surroundings. Ask your partner to put their sports shoes on and grab their water bottle. Wear your track pants and head on towards the mountains. No need to rush; you can take multiple pauses during the climb and enjoy each other’s company. Also, you can carry some snacks in your bag and enjoy them on your way.


Now, this is something that requires you to be proactive. Sweets, chocolates, and cakes are mandatory for any occasion, and you just cannot eliminate them from your list when you think of cutting down on your expenses. What you can do is order a valentine day cake in advance so that you do not have to pay an extra amount of money for it. It is a known fact that owing to their huge demand, cakes and sweets reach their peak prices during the valentine’s season. So, if you don’t want to fall prey to the marketing strategies, you will have to plan your moves. Place an order much before the occasion and get it delivered on a particular day without paying any extra penny.


Valentine’s day is about having a good time with your beloved no matter what the surroundings are. You don’t really have to book your tickets for a destination in order to have a memorable Valentine’s day. You can simply have a trip to your terrace itself. Get yourself geared up for cleaning your terrace and making certain arrangements required for your little vacation on the terrace itself. You can use bedsheets, mattresses, and curtains and create a romantic shed for the two of you. You can also have a bonfire on the terrace while playing your favorite music in the background. You can spend the entire night together under the stars.


It has been observed that during modern times, romantic dates have become all about dining out in a fancy restaurant or ordering pizzas and pasta and enjoying their delicious taste. No doubt, it is a good idea for a date but if you want to do something different, you can try your hands at cooking on valentine’s day. This would also get along well with your budget. You won’t have to pay for dining out. You can simply call your partner at your place and serve them a meal which you made especially for them. This might also be a pleasant surprise for them to discover that you can cook too. Also, the fact that you invested your time and energy preparing the food would make them feel overwhelmed.


Nothing can be more impactful than something made by your hands. Handmade gifts are extra special because they reflect the giver’s emotions, creativity, and hard work. The fact that someone chose to go the extra mile to make them smile makes the recipient feel extra special. So, if you want to have your partner feel the same for you, you can collect your photos together and merge them into a card or photo scrapbook. You can also look for some handmade gift ideas over the internet and create personalized valentines gifts for your partner. You can get a picture of you two printed on a coffee mug or a t-shirt and give it to your partner.

It is a wonderful idea to recreate one of the best-ever dates that you and your significant other had before you were married or engaged. Start right there, if your first date was a record-breaking one! Go back to a place you loved for dinner in particular. Or, the night you discovered you both had the same sense of humor, do watch the same movie you first saw together in the theatre. This shall surely be impactful, and also, it won’t cost you much either.

We gave you some fabulous ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day while managing your budget. Hope you like them and have a great celebration.


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