Prerequisites for Installing Angular on Mac OS

With the rapid development in technology, the need for different websites on the internet has increased a lot. Our whole lives depend on various applications since they help reduce a lot of worries. They automatize our days by taking care of the essentials like banking, groceries, medicine, fitness, etc. Naturally, developing these apps is in huge demand. Developers are always looking for the best platforms so that the creation of these websites can be easy and fast. For this purpose, you should install Angular on Mac.

What is Angular

Angular is a Typescript based framework that is used to develop and build single-page client applications. Developed and maintained by Google, Angular provides a cross-platform environment that is used to develop front-end applications. It provides higher performance because of its Progressive web app architecture. It is an optimized app for SEO since it can be rendered on any platform like, NodeJs, PHP, etc and the output will be in the HTML-CSS format. It is a very fast developing framework and thus is quite popular among developers.


There are certain prerequisites before you can install Angular on Mac.


For your software to run smoothly, you should have an updated Mac OS with version 10.10 or over.


Space is also very necessary so that you can create apps without any hitch. So, your PC should have at least 10GB of free hard disk memory space and 4GB RAM.

You would also need a user account with installation privileges with unrestricted access so that you can download all the servers, software, or platforms required for Angular to function.

Node JS and NPM

Node is an open-source and cross-platform environment that runs Javascript code outside a browser. Node is necessary for developers since it lets them use various web applications, command-line tools, web APIs, etc. You would also require NPM or Node Project Manager which is a dependency management tool that lets you manipulate any library or additional tool that might be required. A command-line tool, NPM interacts with Javascript packages and lets one update and install the libraries and tools easily. These libraries help in downloading any software package and support Angular development. It’s not difficult to install NPM since it is a free open-source online registry that hosts over 800,000 packages. While downloading Node Js and NPM, make sure you are downloading versions that coincide with your OS version.

Angular CLI

For someone who’s just stepping into angular web building, the processes can be a little difficult. Angular CLI is a tool that helps you navigate through it. It is a tool that has a range of commands and production-grade configuration that helps manage, test, and build various Angular applications. Once you have the necessary equipment, you can download and install Angular on Mac and you are ready to create applications.

Angular has many benefits which makes it so popular. Its ease with functionality and ability to keep the code clean due to being based in Typescript are some of the main reasons why you should try and use Angular today!


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