The Best Online Romance Games

Love is a feeling around which our whole life is built. Books, films, and serials are dedicated to it. Often, wars are unleashed because of it. Not surprisingly, many online games also pay special attention to love, creating an independent genre with projects dedicated to this feeling.

Game Karma brings you the best romance games in which you have to immerse yourself in different stories. Control the characters and help them find soul mates, making the world around them happier and more harmonious.

High School Gossip

High school is a special territory with its rules and conditions. The first love, the first partings, friendship forever, and quarrels — all this has a place in the life of teenagers. This project invites players to go into the daily routine of schoolchildren to get to know their joys and problems.

A group chat opens in front of the player, in which numerous characters communicate with each other. Interestingly, you cannot influence what is happening in any way. It is impossible to even indirectly change the behavior of one or more people. All you need is to follow the development of the plot.

It may seem that such a project cannot be called a full-fledged game and it does not carry any value. However, it found its fans because even the most nondescript story can have completely unexpected twists.

Chat Stories

It is another original project, which some developers categorize as interactive text serials. As in the previous case, the player does not interact with characters in any way.

In front of you are dialoges between different characters. You will get to know them, their habits, and their features as the plot develops. The project combines three different stories of people who are somehow connected with each other.

Such games are the best option for gamers who don’t want to completely relax and leave the chase, time limits, bloody battles, ingenious puzzles, and other familiar attributes of dynamic games for a while. Sit back and watch the twists and turns in the life of the characters.

College Love Story

This project cannot boast spectacular graphics or fantastic obstacles that the main character must overcome. However, it is highly popular among teenagers, especially girls. Here is everything that worries them in real life: relationships with parents, teachers, and friends, endless lessons, thoughts about the future, and, of course, first love.

In this project, you cannot influence the communication of the characters, although sometimes, you really want to do this. You have to observe the development of events by reading chats and guess what the next actions of the heroes will be. But not everything is so simple. Some plot twists are simply impossible to predict, just like in the real world!

Romantic online games are a special genre that may not be understood by everyone. But if you are tired of action games and shooters, you will find a temporary rest and will surely recognize yourself in one of the situations.


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