The Origin of the Names of Some Very Popular Flowers

Human beings worship beauty and loveliness. And if asked what is the most beautiful among all the wonders of the world, the answer would probably be flowers. While the chief purpose of flowers is reproduction, we often forget that when we are mesmerised by their sweet fragrance and bright appearances. It is mostly the flowers that prove that mother nature is the best artist of all. We cannot help but wonder at the hands shaping the variety: the infinite colours, the innumerable shapes, the uncountable shades…it is like an old master is at work tirelessly and we, the mere mortals, can only marvel at the level of artistry.


This is probably the reason the flowers have been given away as gifts and used for decoration since the ancient times. Flowers have probably fascinated humans since the prehistoric age. And for good reasons too. A bouquet of flowers can brighten up an otherwise dull-looking room. A gift of flowers can bring an instant smile to the face of any person. We can use these marvels of nature and use them to our advantage by simply ordering a bouquet of flowers for our loved ones.


Did you know the flowers carry with them a lot of symbolisms and since time immemorial, flowers have been used in many occasions, both happy and sad, to convey hidden messages. The gift of flowers is one of the oldest customs that are still popular today. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it is even easier to give flowers to someone. It doesn’t really matter where you are physically located. You can be in Dubai or New York, you can still order for flower delivery in india or Pune over the phone or through their official website to send a bouquet of carnations to your partner’s home. Forgot your special friend’s birthday and too afraid to face them? Purchase a red rose online and send it over, sitting in your office cubicle. When your partner receives the gift, it is bound to make them melt and forgive you a little bit. Remember, though, you still need to grovel a lot. But the single red rose will convey the message that you are sorry and that you care.


While flowers make beautiful gifts, they can also be conversation starters. Do you want to be a specialist in the language of flowers? Do you want to know every tidbit you can about the flowers you adore? Or you want to know everything about the flowers you would love to send over to your loved one. Maybe, you are simply curious. Whatever may be the case, read on, as today we are going to tell you the secret behind the origin of the names of five most popular flowers


Turkish word for ‘turban’ as they look like turban.While most people might think that Tulips originated from the Netherlands, in reality, they actually came from Central Asia. And guess what? In Central Asia, Tulips used to actually grow as wildflowers. The beautiful Tulips were brought over to the continent of Europe in the 16th century, by a biologist called Carolus Clusius. Not only did they gain a lot of popularity in the Netherlands and Europe but they became famous all over the world and thus their prices skyrocketed. In fact, they are so popular that Turkey even had a whole festival dedicated to just Tulips. This beautiful festival is still held today and is a magnificent sight to see!


One of the most beautiful and romantic flowers in the world- the Rose, is a very popular flower all across the globe. Famous for its beauty and fragrance, this gorgeous flower is also known as the official flower of love, especially the romantic kind. Do you want to know from where this lovely flower has got its name? Well, the name of Rose comes from the Latin word “rosa”, which in fact is also a very beautiful name. You can use this flower to express your feelings on any given day- be it a random day or a special day like Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, etc.

It’s interesting to know various facts about the flowers we see every other day- to know about their origin, the word they have got their name from, when were they discovered, etc. It not just helps us to understand these flowers better but we can also choose Flowers bouquet for our loved ones more thoughtfully the next time we buy flowers online.

Happy flower shopping!


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