Top 10 highest-paying programming languages in 2021

Developers and developers are one of the highest paid specialists in the world. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Australia, Denmark, Japan, India and China receive a one-time package of ten dollars. Development with special pay compensation is promising, but some programming languages ​​are associated with higher salaries than others.

Top 10 highest Paying Programming Language


Scala is a hybrid language that combines object-oriented and Operational programming, designed by Martin Odersky , a Java developer . For that reason, Scala has the characteristic that it can do everything that Java can do, and it is gradually becoming popular as a “successor language to Java” and a “language that can be used in a wide range of development areas .”

There are some difficult words, object-oriented and Operational programming, but we need to understand these two to understand the advantages of Scala, so we will explain each in the next section.

Scala’s Salary in India is INR 1007,861 and average salary is $115,446 across world


Ruby is a programming language born in Japan and was developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is used for web application development and machine learning. Since it is a domestic language, there is a wealth of information on Japanese.

Ruby has a framework called Ruby on Rails that strongly supports the development of web services, and you can use Ruby on Rails to quickly develop web applications. Therefore, when learning Ruby, let’s study together with Ruby on Rails.

Originating in Japan, it is well known, and there are many learning services and information that can be learned , which is a tailwind for beginners. Since it was developed with the concept of “easy to write and read”, it can be said that the source code structure is simple and easy to understand even for beginners .

Ruby’s salary in India is INR 799,802 and average salary is around $91,876 across the world.


Go is a programming language designed by Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. It is highly scalable and can respond to an increase in users and jobs. It is mainly used for large-scale projects because the cost does not increase even if the system is enlarged. It is also simple and is used for API server development and web server development.

Here, we will introduce how to decide the language that programming beginners should learn. There are two ways to decide, depending on whether you have something you want to make or not.

Go’s salary in India is INR 1,154,896. and average salary is around $115,685 across the world.


Objective-C is the standard development language for Mac OS X, and the Objective-C language is also used for developing iPhone apps.

It is a programming language that implements object-oriented thinking in C language, and there is C ++ as another language to that effect, but C ++ and Objective-C have a very different code atmosphere.

The Objective-C language does not perform strict type checking or method existence checking at compile time.

Although it can be described flexibly, it may cause unexpected malfunctions at runtime, so be careful, but in this area, by using the LLVM compiler of Xcode 4, careful syntax check is performed and “Static Analyzer” You can use “to analyse code in real time, so it’s almost unnoticeable.

Objective-C’s salary in India is INR 574,286 and average salary is around $101,085


Kotlin is a programming language announced around 2011. Since it can be used interchangeably with Java, you can also call source code written in Java with Kotlin. There is a lot of source code written in Java, so this point is getting a lot of attention.

Like Java, it’s an object-oriented language. One of the features is that static null safety is guaranteed and it prevents errors that are easy to get caught . When writing source code, it’s a very reliable feature because it’s a fight against errors and typos.

It is also influenced by modern languages ​​such as Scala, and is said to require less code to write than Java . Although it is a relatively new language, it has gained a lot of popularity by being added to the official Android development language in 2017.

Kotlin salary in India is INR 466,347 and average salary is $98,763 across the world.


Python is a programming language that can be used for AI, machine learning, and web application development. The focus on AI and machine learning is increasing year by year, and its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

The source code grammar is simple and easy to read and write, making it a suitable language for first-time programming learning . It can be used for business automation tool development, etc., so if you can learn it, it will lead to more efficient daily work.

However, if you are beginner to the programming language atmosphere ,the python online course will provide comprehensive training in python programming.  A lot of best institute in Hyderabad facilitate instructor-led python training

It is also a recommended language for developers in the AI ​​field and those who want to become data scientists .

Python’s salary in India is INR 755,012 and average salary is around $79,395


Java is a programming language used in various fields such as web applications, Android applications, and embedded systems. It is a language developed based on C ++ and C language, which can be said to be the ancestors of programming languages.

Since it is an object-oriented language, it is relatively difficult for beginners, and it may take some time to master it.

However, it is a language that is widely adopted in development all over the world, and it is easy to switch to another language by understanding Java, so if you want to be a programmer, you should learn it.

Java’s average salary is $85,086 across the world, and in India, it’s INR 709,387.


C ++ is a language derived from the C language, and its history goes back to 1979. Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup during his dissertation to add new features to the C language.

It is still the core language for many operating systems, browsers and games, and is widely used.

Average salary worldwide: $ 55,363


Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. and can be used on iOS and macOS. It is a programming language recommended for those who want to create iPhone apps and AR apps that can be used on iOS and macOS.

The share of iPhone in Japan is very high, and it can be said that it is a language for which great demand can be expected in the future .

Before Swift was born, iPhone apps were written in the language Objective-C, but now that Swift is becoming mainstream, we recommend choosing Swift if you want to start now.

Swifts’ average salary is around $97,271 across the world, and, in India, it’s INR 585,671


Perl is a high-performance, feature-rich programming language developed by Larry Wall with a history of about 29 years. Inheriting the advantages of C language, BASIC, Python, etc., it is widely used in various developments such as graphics, document processing, database and network management, analysis and conversion of large amounts of data, in addition to CGI.

A big feature is that it is very powerful for text processing . Also, because of the abundance of library modules , we have a good reputation for the many things we can do. One of the features is that the documents and libraries are open source, and anyone can use them freely for free. Perl, like PHP and Ruby, is an interpreted language.

Another feature is that when modifying a source program, there is no need to compile it as in C or Java, and it can be executed immediately. Also, it can run on any OS, so it will be a nice language for beginners.

Perl’s average salary is about $93,368 across the world, while, in India, it’s INR 847,995.


Now that we know which programming languages ​​are the most popular and most paid in the job market, we can improve our skill set by including at least one (or more!) of these more paid programming languages.


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