Top 10 maths apps for students

Maths is one of the three core subjects on the National Curriculum, but not all students find it easy, and some may require more help than others. If you’re struggling with maths, you can speak to your teacher, who should be able to arrange extra study sessions for you and discuss your options for tutoring outside of school hours.

But as well as getting help from teachers and tutors, there are some things you can do to improve your understanding of maths yourself. There are online calculators specialised in helping with basic functions like division, or more complex calculations, like finding the greatest common factor. You can also find many maths apps you can download onto your phone and other self-help tools available to help students with their maths studies.

In this article, we’ll reveal some of the best maths apps you can download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

What are the top 10 maths apps for students?

Some of the best maths apps for students are Rocket Math, DoodleMaths, Prodigy, Elephant Learning Math Academy and Khan Academy.

Other helpful maths apps for students include Splash Math, Math Learning Center, DragonBox, IXL Math and Photomath.

Read on to find out more about these top 10 maths apps for students.

Ten of the best maths apps for students

Here are some of the best maths apps that are available to download on Android and Apple mobile devices.

1. Rocket Math

Aimed at students aged six to 14, this app is a game that aims to teach maths facts in an enjoyable way.

Students can choose from ten “Learning Tracks” of different levels for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. If you can’t answer a fact in three seconds, you’re given the answer and you then have to prove you’ve learned it.

Teacher and parent dashboards allow each student’s progress to be tracked.

2. DoodleMaths

Designed by maths teachers, this app is aimed at four to 14-year-olds. It uses AI to identify a student’s weak spots and adapts a programme targeted toward that individual so that they can learn at their own pace.

Again, there’s a dashboard so parents can see where their child is excelling and where they need more help.

3. Prodigy

Another app aimed at students aged six to 14, this is a fantasy-based math game that’s used by millions of students, teachers and parents around the world.

Players compete with characters by answering sets of maths questions and teachers can customise questions to support class material

Like DoodleMaths, the Prodigy math game adapts its activities based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses and parents and teachers can be informed of progress via a comprehensive reporting system.

4. Elephant Learning Math Academy

Children as young as two can use this app to develop their numerical skills, but while it may be one of the best math apps for kids, it’s aimed at students up to the age of 16 too.

It’s got a choice of 21 interactive maths games with different characters that have their own sounds and characteristics.

The app’s algorithm gives you real-time reports so parents can see what their child is working on and how their skills are progressing.

5. Khan Academy

Following the launch of Khan Academy Kids, this math app is now suitable for students of all ages.

Featuring quizzes, exercises and instructional videos, the interactive content can be downloaded, so you can play and learn whether you’re on or offline.

As with many of the apps in this list, it’s got adaptive technology to identify where you’re excelling, as well as any gaps in your knowledge.

6. Splash Math

The single versions of this app are based on what you’d learn during specific school years, but there’s also an “all-grade” version. This means that once you’ve mastered one grade, you can progress to the next at your own pace.

Parents can track their child’s progress using the Parent Connect App.

7. Math Learning Center

Unlike most of the other apps on this list, the Math Learning Center isn’t based on games. Instead, this collection of 11 apps offers a digital alternative to worksheets and flashcards.

The apps you can choose from are: Fractions, Geoboard, Math Vocabulary Cards, Money Pieces, Number Frames, Number Line, Number Pieces, Number Rack, Pattern Shapes, and Partial Product Finder.

8. DragonBox

Another group of apps, this collection includes addition, algebra, division, geometry, multiplication, numbers, and subtraction.

DragonBox aims to give students a deep understanding of how and why things work through motivation-based learning techniques.

With a wide range of math games, students can benefit from a fun learning experience both in the classroom and at home.

9. IXL Math

Students from age four all the way up to 18, can benefit from this immersive app.

As one of the best maths apps for homeschooling and extra tuition, it’s ideal for those who need lots of practice.

Providing comprehensive maths content that’s aligned with the National Curriculum, it features a wide variety of questions and real-world scenarios to keep practice sessions fresh and engaging.

Students can learn at their own pace, thanks to smart technology, which adjusts questions to the right level of difficulty. This encourages critical thinking and problem-solving regarding math equations.

10. Photomath

As the name suggests, Photomath uses your mobile device’s camera to solve math problems via its augmented reality features. All you have to do is point your camera at a math problem, and the app will display the answer with a detailed explanation, so you can understand how the problem was solved.

If you struggle with algebra, then this is the app for you, but it’s great for arithmetic, decimal, graphs, and integers too.


As you can see from this list, there are many apps available for you to download to your mobile device, so you can improve your math skills.

Many of these apps feature adaptive technology, which helps you to focus on areas you’re not so good at and gives you confidence in topics you’re doing well in.

What’s more, tracking features allow your parents and teachers to follow your progress and give you encouragement and extra support if you need it.


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