Top 5 typography trends in web design

We are currently living in a world where it is dominated and influenced by many innovations. One of the greatest innovations in the 21st century is the existence of many technological advances. These innovations have paved the way for many new things that we enjoy at the moment. Technology has offered new ways to how things are done and made things easier and more convenient.

The advantages of technology were proven during this time. In a time where we can’t meet each other physically and be near each other, technology has made it possible for us to communicate and contact each other. Through applications, social interaction and other routines were made possible.

Shopping or buying things is one of the things that is most affected during the pandemic. Since physical interaction was prohibited, going out in crowded places was not allowed. Buying and purchasing basic necessities had to be adjusted to be able to keep safe. One of the things that the population has done to make things easier is online shopping.

Online shopping is purchasing what you need via websites or applications that are powered by technology. Instead of physically going to brick-and-mortar stores, there are various e-commerce websites that offer everything that we need. There are eCommerce websites for clothing, various services, and food.

Since the pool of eCommerce websites is already too crowded and saturated even before the pandemic has started, being unique and being remembered should be one of the top priorities to make a sale. Aside from unique products, a web design Singapore surface is what can make you stand out from the rest. A good web design Singapore look can increase sales. That is why it is vital that as a business you know the current web design Singapore trends to be able to keep up with the fast-changing world.

Aside from getting a good web designer Singapore specialist, you should know what trends or things are more desirable and attractive to consumers. In web design Singapore trends, typography plays an important role. To know more about typography, here are web design Singapore typography trends.

#1 Muted color palettes

Web designer Singapore experts also try many different color schemes. Today, one of the most popular color schemes is the muted color palettes. It is basically another word for gray, dull, or desaturated. These colors are usually low in saturation, meaning they are not too loud for the eyes. A muted color palette gives off the vibe of feeling safe, calm, and nostalgic. Usually, web designer Singapore specialists choose this color scheme when it comes to healthy and wealthy clients as it also gives the feeling of being organic and natural.

#2 Geometric shapes all around

In 2020, web design Singapore trends include flowing and abstract shapes. However, today, we are going into the phase of rigid and hard-edged shapes for the look of the website. These shapes play a great contrast to muted palettes that is why it goes well with the color trends. Web designer Singapore experts have agreed that changing types of shapes applied on websites is trendy.

#3 Social media slide decks

Nowadays, with the many platforms available to us, social media slide decks on web design Singapore surface is not a surprise. These are used to promote platforms outside the website. Users are used to seeing various slide decks on different websites with various content such as new products, social justice initiatives, and others.

#4 Text-heavy videos

There is also an emergence of text-heavy video trends on web design Singapore look. This is because physical communication has been limited, thus, it is being done through these mediums. All information is expected to be available in one go to increase efficiency and save time. Web designer Singapore experts are tasked to incorporate these kinds of content.

#5 Classic fonts

One of the things that will never get out of style when it comes to web design Singapore look is putting classic fonts. These fonts are always easy on the eyes and readable. This is why web designer Singapore experts will almost always opt for these kinds of designs in websites. One example of a classic font that is making its comeback is classic serif fonts. They look clean and more professional than fancy fonts and they usually look like they mean serious business. That is why it is much preferred to other fonts.

Need a helping hand?

These are just some of the web design Singapore trends on typography that can help you increase your reach. Hire a web designer Singapore forum today to properly apply these trends. Contact Wiz Marketing today for your web design needs.


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