Top Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Freelance SEO Expert

Organic SEO or référencement naturel in French if you want to sound fancy is indeed intriguing. Search engines crave an optimized website, and if your organic SEO is not up to the snuff, you will be fighting an uphill battle for visibility from the beginning.

Combining cutting edge and proven techniques that create long term results is a daunting task for many entrepreneurs. Hence to get the desired results, many business owners collaborate with freelance SEO experts to cement their website at the top of the SERP.

However, when you look for freelance SEO experts, you will find a plethora of options, and choosing the best freelance SEO expert can be a mind-boggling task.

So, here are the top questions to ask when hiring your freelance SEO expert even before you get started.

  1. Can I know about your current and past clients and their results?

Knowing about your SEO consultant’s past results will help you do trend analysis so you can get an idea of the efficiency of the freelancer.

  1. How will you boost my Search engine rankings? 

Your freelance SEO expert may promise you moon and stars, but it is imperative to know about their working ways. Steer clear of the SEO consultants who are not transparent about their methods. It would help if you also had a fair idea of the SEO consultants’ different tools. It would help if you also enquired about the backlinks, as good backlinks will help you launch the silver bullet in the digital space. You should even know the tools used. Discuss with your SEO consultant and check on the tool used, check the reporting tools, link building tools, Technical SEO tools, research tools, etc.

At SEOBABA, we let you look over our shoulders while we work. We keep you updated about our methods and monitoring techniques. We weed out any issues that can lower your search engine rankings.

  1. What types of SEO work will you focus on?

Check with our SEO consultant and find out what kind of SEPO work they will focus on. Your SEO consultant may focus on Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO, so you need to find out if the SEO works are per your requirements.

  1. How often are the communications done?

When you build a house, you can easily measure progress. You can see the walls being raised or the paints being done, but measuring progress becomes as challenging as solving a complicated mathematical problem when it comes to SEO. To make things easy, your SEO consultant should communicate well and keep you updated about their progress. The communication style of the different SEO experts may vary. You may not want to partner with an expert whose communication skills are not up to the snuff.

Ask if your expert prefers talking over the phone, in person, over Skype, or any other channels. Also, ensure how frequently communications would happen. Your freelance SEO expert must keep you updated with the latest status. At SEOBABA, we believe in effective communications, and we keep you updated about our progress.

  1. What are your charges, and what is the payment frequency?

If your SEO expert is transparent about the pricing, it will help you manage your budget. You must have complete knowledge about the charges and payment frequencies of your SEO expert. Most of the consultants prefer getting project-based payments. At SEOBABA, we work on a transparent pricing policy, and by partnering with us, you can expect more for less. Our affordable pricing plans will not burden your pocket.

  1. Can you improve my local search results?

Local SEO will help you to be found by potential businesses. Check if your consultant will add your business’s city and state to your website’s title tags and Meta descriptions. At SEOBABA, we will help you to boost your local traffic.

  1. Will you let me monitor your work progress and let me know about the changes you made to my site?

SEO will require a lot of changes in your web page coding. It is imperative you know about the alterations done to your web page. If you want your consultant to get your permission before accessing and altering your website code, then make sure to do so.

  1. What if we part ways?

This is an important question which most entrepreneurs fail to ask their SEO consultant. Ideally, it would help if you had ownership of all the optimized web content you had paid your consultant for. Also, ensure that your SEO consultant does not change or remove any contents modified or optimized once you leave.

Hence the above questions will help you find the best SEO consultant at your convenience—partner with the right SEO consultant to ace your digital game and reach the pinnacle of success.


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