Why Will Education be Technology-Driven in the Future?


Things have not remained the same since the pandemic came in 2020. 2021 also proved no different where people were still locked into their homes when things were not that supportive of traditional learning practices or Education to resume. Overall if we conclude, whatever happened, especially in these 2-3 years, is a drastic transformation into the dynamics of learning practices in the education sector. The introduction of LMS portals has also become a lot easier for the school/college administration to carry out processes and procedures involved in e-learning smoothly.

We can bet on the growth of technology further in the field of Education, and both are flourishing for sustainable and customized learning. Below, we have talked about how technology has impacted our lives, especially students.


Integration of smart screens

The integration of tools and devices like Tablets, computers, and smartphones has made student’s life quite easygoing, where they are more comfortable with studying online.

The use of stimulations, videos, and other clips has brought a kind of revolution in education practices. These devices have made studies much more exciting and interactive.

With devices like this, huge amounts of information can be retained and sustainably kept safe, which will further help them do comprehensive studies. The integration of such devices as Tablets, Computers, and smartphones has made students attain and attend their online courses irrespective of their current geography.

These devices provide students with that it engages them in an affordable and accessible use of the internet.

With the ever-changing world, one cannot obtain all the information through books and other physical resources. Students can easily retain a lot of current news and other data required for their project work or model presentation for their courses on these devices.

The Concept of Hybrid learning

Many readers might have heard the term “Hybrid Learning “for the first time. But it is actually what is happening around you, and probably you are experiencing. Blended or Hybrid learning is a practice into which both learning styles and modes, online and offline, are incorporated with the help of technology and customized curriculum preparation.

It is considered the best way to continue Education at a pace unimaginable and sustainable if the current situation is considered. Although the cases of infection have come significantly down, with the mutating virus in the surrounding, it will always remain uncertain whether traditional learning practices will continue or not.

Therefore, experts suggest incorporating technology-driven e-learning tools like ERP and LMS to make things go smooth and easy for both students and administration in general.

ERP full form is Enterprise resource planning. LMS full form is a learning management system that applies to e-learning practices and is equally doing well when the professional workplace is considered.

Technology has brought more communication between the parties and accountability into Education

It is believed that especially in these two years; Education, in general, has become more open and has involved parents’ involvement to a pace unimaginable before. E-learning practices have helped parents understand the pattern, syllabus, and activities into which their children are engaged as per their academic career. Additionally, technology access had made parents much more interested in keeping themselves in touch with the educators who were not very much involved earlier. There were hardly any meetings or phone calls connected between the two parties over individual Students’ performances.

Overall, from our experience, we can easily conclude on terms in favor of the technology incorporated into the education sector. It has made the practices more accountable and just for both the students and the education institutes. It also has much reduced the dependency on Humans work, where artificial intelligence is working to benefit both side users.


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