Why You Should Opt For A Natural Deodorant?

Natural products have a special charm of their own. And when the talk is about natural deodorants, they are perfect for someone with sensitive skin who sweats all day. Unlike traditional deos and antiperspirants, natural deodorants are free of chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can pose certain pose health risks. This is why dermatologists recommend switching to natural deodorants and fragrances.Advantages Of Natural Deodorants

There are many benefits of using natural deodorants and some of the major ones are:

Natural Deodorants Have Simple Ingredients

Read the label of an all-natural deodorant and you will be surprised to know about its formulation! Natural deo, be it sports deodorant or any other, contains simpler ingredients that won’t harm your skin. Typically, the best deo for men or women that belongs to the ‘natural’ category has three active ingredients – carrier oil, baking soda, and essential oil/s. While carrier oils act as natural moisturizers, baking soda neutralizes body smell. Moreover, essential oils act as a fragrance and keep your underarms smelling fresh. Some plant-based antibacterial agents are also be added to natural deos.

They Allow Your Body To Sweat

Having your hand on the best deo for men or women doesn’t mean you are getting the right product. Most store-bought deodorants contain strong chemicals that clog the skin pores and reduce the body’s ability to produce sweat. On the other hand, a natural sports deodorant or any other variety will allow your body to sweat as usual while keeping odors at bay. So, if you want your skin to breathe, opt for the best deo for men/women that is devoid of chemicals.

Natural Deos Keep Skin Moisturized

Keeping the skin hydrated is crucial to keep skin dryness and irritation at bay. Organic deodorants are formulated with plant-based moisturizers that prevent skin dryness. Even if you have sensitive skin, these moisturizing ingredients will nourish it without harming the skin cells. Look for a deodorant that contains aloe vera and other leaf extracts. If you engage in physical activity for hours, grab a bottle of sports deodorant with petroleum jelly, Vitamin E and olive oil.

Organic Deodorants Don’t Stain Clothes

Chemicals present in traditional deodorants can react with the clothes you wear and stain them. On top of that, these chemicals mix up with the bacteria present on the skin and make the body odors even worse. Organic deos have natural ingredients that keep bacteria away from precipitation elements on the skin, thus preventing odors. They don’t stain the fabric as they are devoid of harsh chemicals.

Organic Deos Discourage Animal Testing

Many personal care brands perform animal testing for their products. Although animal testing hasn’t been wiped out yet entirely, there are certain brands that discourage it. By choosing organic deodorants over conventional products, you automatically stand against animal testing. So, while buying your sports deodorant, check the label of that best deo for men/women and make sure it’s organic.

Opting For Natural Deodorants

Although switching to a natural deodorant may feel awkward at first, its subsequent use will make things better for both you and the environment. Follow these tips as you opt for the best deo for men/women that’s all-natural:

  • Go deodorant-free for a few days to let your body get rid of all those harsh chemicals you were using to date.
  • Before you start using the natural sports deodorant, make a habit of exfoliating your underarms every other day. Use baking soda to wash and exfoliate your underarm skin. Wear light-colored natural fabrics during this time and also afterward.
  • Make your own deodorant. Use a mixture of coconut oil, cocoa butter, arrowroot, and essential oils to make the best deo for men or women at home.
  • Try adding tree tea oil along with other essential oils in the natural sports deodorant you plan to make. Tea tree oil shouldn’t be used if your skin is very sensitive.
  • If you do hours of workout, use a mix of three essential oils in the DIY sports deodorant. Choose from sandalwood oil, lavender essential oil, lemon oil, and rosemary essential oil.
  • Reapply the deodorant once the smell fades away. Wash your underarms and use that homemade, best deo for men/women after drying your skin.


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