Can a Tesla be stolen?

Tesla is a unique company. Thanks to competent and thoughtful marketing, it flickers daily in the headlines of news sites, and Elon Musk’s tweets have tremendous power: they are able to raise the cryptocurrency rate and bring it down in the blink of an eye.

And Tesla cars are also unique in many ways. Many people want to own them. Including the attackers. To do this, they come up with a lot of different ways, but in reality, everything is not as simple as it seems. Why stealing a Tesla is a bad idea? Why will the theft of such a car become impossible in the near future?

Why the Tesla hijacking is funny

This incident happened a few years ago in Australia. One weekday morning, a girl named Annabelle, as always, was going to work. Suddenly, notifications came to her smartphone: the alarm on her Tesla Model 3 went off. When Annabelle went to the parking lot to find out what was wrong, she did not find her car there.

Apparently, the attackers did not know that the salons of these electric vehicles are equipped with a video cameras. The camcorder can be controlled via a smartphone. As well as many other features. The girl turned out to be humorous: she not only began to mock the hijackers in every possible way, slowing down and accelerating the speed of her Tesla but also watching it through the internal camera.

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The story of Annabelle from Australia ended well. But not for thieves: they fled in a panic, and one of them managed to forget his driver’s license in the cabin.

Another interesting case occurred in Los Angeles in 2020. There was a “million-dollar theft”: a crook stole a Tesla, inside of which there was an antique violin. Moreover, the cost of the violin was many times greater than the cost of Tesla itself. The reason for the theft was the negligence of the owner of the car, who dropped the keys on the driver’s seat. The thief fussed, picked up the keys, and fled in a Tesla in an unknown direction.

History is silent about the further development of events, but with almost one hundred percent probability the attacker was caught: he can easily be tracked by GPS. Or if he tries to sell a unique musical instrument.

Relays are yesterday

A few years ago, information was circulating on the network that Tesla could be stolen using a repeater. The scheme is as follows: being next to the owner of the electric car, the thief, using a repeater, picks up the signal from his key, and then using the same device tries to transmit it to the car itself.

Cases of such theft were recorded in the UK and Europe. However, Tesla reacted quickly to these cases: back in early 2018, all owners of these electric cars received an email with detailed instructions on how to avoid stealing their cars.

Should you steal a Tesla?

It is worth noting that Tesla is not just a smart car. Due to constant updates, it becomes smarter and safer every day. Currently, the repeater scheme is no longer working. Stealing Teslas for thieves is becoming increasingly difficult. Everything goes to the fact that soon it will become impossible at all.

And although a flaw can be found in any system, the question of expediency still arises: is it worth fooling yourself? Or is it more expedient to steal a more “simple” car, for which you can get revenue no less than for a Tesla?


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